About Kid Curators

Kid Curators® Mission
Kid Curators®, LLC, helps teachers create challenging and motivating learning experiences that inspire students to acquire new knowledge and valuable skills as they develop innovative school museum exhibitions.

Kid Curators® Goals
Kid Curators®, LLC, provides products and services to help teachers:

  • Develop new and creative ways to engage students in school curriculum.
  • Engage students as co-developers of classroom learning projects.
  • Motivate students to take responsibility for their learning and in so doing to discover new competencies in themselves.
  • Encourage families and the community to participate in school projects.
  • Use the completed school museum as a way to show the community the potential of students and the learning goals of the school.



Learn how school museum projects can engage students in learning and support classroom practices such as standards-based curriculum planning, student-involved classroom assessment, differentiated instruction, service learning, professional learning community and job-embedded professional development. In these interactive workshops participants learn how to use school museum projects to organize curriculum around “big ideas” and focusing questions; engage students in research, writing, and design; and develop students’ critical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork skills. Participants will review examples of school museums, simulate some of the steps in the planning and instructional processes, and begin to develop a plan for their own project. One, two, or five-day workshop content will be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

linda-d-acquistoAbout Linda D’Acquisto
Linda D’Acquisto has more than 30 years of experience in education working as a museum educator, curriculum developer, public school administrator, and classroom teacher. Her wide range of experience enriches her work with Kid Curators.

As an administrator and consultant
As a K-12 director of instruction and as a curriculum developer, Linda provided leadership for curriculum and assessment initiatives, strategic planning, professional development, and program evaluation. She has classroom and special education teaching experience at the elementary and middle school levels. Currently, as an educational consultant, Linda works with schools and districts on issues related to school improvement, professional learning communities, classroom-based assessment, program evaluation and project-based learning.

As a museum educator
Linda managed the school and public programs departments of a science and technology museum. She developed educational programs for teachers, families, youth, and museum visitors; trained and supervised program and interpretative staff; and participated in ongoing assessment and redevelopment of museum exhibits.

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